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When you join the NSF INCLUDES National Network you get access to both "people" as resources as well as "products or tools" to guide your work on broadening participation in STEM.

Below are several featured publications by the NSF INCLUDES Coordination Hub.

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Research Brief: Equity-Centered Leadership and Communication
This brief summarizes information from the literature and perspectives from the NSF INCLUDES Network on the centrality and value of equity-centered leadership and communication in cultivating transformational change.

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Resource Brief: Goals & Metrics: Gathering Evidence for Success
This resource brief includes a compilation of resources shared with the NSF INCLUDES National Network during a recent series that focused on this aspect of the Five Elements of Collaborative Infrastructure. Topics include: equity and disaggregating data, deciding what to measure, developing data sharing agreements, building data capacity and effective data use, developing a data collection plan, developing an implementation plan, and data visualization.

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NSF INCLUDES National Network Monthly Bulletin – July 2022
The NSF INCLUDES National Network Monthly Bulletin shares highlights from the Network community and provides a chance for you to catch up on all of the discussions, resources, and online activity that has been happening over the course of the month.

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Root Cause Analysis as a Tool for Forging Shared Vision and Partnership: Lessons for Strengthening the Process 
In this Rapid Community Report - Process Reflection, the STEM PUSH Network (Pathways for Underrepresented Students to HigherEd), an NSF INCLUDES Alliance, describes a root cause analysis process used to build the conceptual foundation of the improvement network and establish a shared vision and clear roles for the partnership.

NSF INCLUDES National Network Virtual Convening 2021: Keynote
Chike Aguh, Chief Innovation Officer for the U.S. Department of Labor, talks about leveraging technology to create a more equitable workforce, and a workforce that looks like America during his keynote, "Technology for Equity, Equity for Technology," at the NSF INCLUDES National Network Virtual Convening.