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NSF’s Eddie Bernice Johnson INCLUDES Coordination Hub

The INCLUDES Coordination Hub supports the Network, with the goal of “build(ing) a Network…that will ultimately enable collective efforts aimed at increasing the active participation of those who have been traditionally underserved and underrepresented in particular STEM fields or across all fields of STEM.”   

To implement our vision and achieve these goals, the Hub: 

  • Connects people and organizations to facilitate relationships, expand and diversify the Network, and support Network members in building capacity in areas they identify.  
  • Curates shared resources, measures, expertise, and experiences to build Network members’ capacity to engage in systems change and support more equitable, diverse, and inclusive STEM fieldsand to track and measure impact.  
  • Catalyzes collective action with a focus on influencing systems change and supporting efforts that create more equitable, diverse, and inclusive STEM fields.   
  • (Builds and Supports) Community with and for all members and amplify and elevate voices of participants and members of communities who have been historically excluded from STEM. 

The Hub is composed of five organizations with a range of expertise working as a collaborative entity; our structure mirrors the collaborative, multi-organization, cross-sector structure of the NSF INCLUDES-funded Alliances and we use the Five Elements to guide our own work and strengthen our collaboration. 


The INCLUDES Network is open to anyone interested in improving diversity and inclusion in STEM.

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The INCLUDES Coordination Hub Leadership Team

Photo of Rebecca Valenchis

Rebecca Valenchis
Deputy Director, SRI

Photo of Kathy Booth

Kathy Booth
Co-PI, WestEd
Photo of Erin Lynch

Erin Lynch
Co-PI, QEM Network
Photo of Cecilia Borges Farfan

Cecilia Borges Farfan
Lead Evaluator,
ORS Impact
Photo of Alice Opalka

Alice Opalka
Lead Evaluator,
ORS Impact

Darryl Hill
Co-PI, HCM Strategists

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