Broadening Career Pathways in Food, Energy, and Water Systems with and within Native American Communities (Native FEWS Alliance)


University of Arizona  
the University of California, Berkeley  
The American Indian Higher Education Consortium 

Principal Investigators 
Alice Agogino, UC Berkley 
Karletta Chief, University of Arizona  

Co-Principal Investigators
UC Berkley
Matthew  Potts  
Kathy  DeerInWater  
Elizabeth  Hoover 

University of Arizona  
Greg  Barron-Gafford  
Kelly  Potter  
Valerie  Shirley  
Diana  Dalbotten 

Goal: The Native FEWS (Food, Energy, Water Systems) Alliance is focused on innovative research and community partnerships linking and addressing two interconnected challenges: a crisis in access to food, energy, and water in Indigenous communities; and limited educational and career pathways available to Indigenous populations to address these needs.  

The University of California at Berkeley, University of Arizona and American Indian Higher Education Consortium will work with over 20 partners to significantly broaden the opportunities for participation and the ecosystem of research and practice training by and for Native Americans and other underrepresented student groups.  

By bringing together the resources, expertise and experiences of multiple educational institutions and stakeholders who all share a proven track record in widening pathways for Indigenous students, the Alliance will develop a Networked Improvement Community to achieve the following interrelated goals:  

  • Address urgent FEWS challenges in Indigenous communities;  
  • Co-develop integrated, Indigenous, place-based FEWS curricula, mentoring, and practice experiences;  
  • Transform institutional science and technology fields to be relevant and accessible to Indigenous communities;  
  • Recruit, retain and graduate Indigenous students to pursue higher education and careers in FEWS and bring their knowledge back to their communities.