LaGuardia Community College, City University of New York


The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 led to changes in the process, procedures, and policies around reappointment, evaluation, and transparency, as well as the process to support STEM faculty. Institutional actions included: support for teaching and learning by committing to funding STEM classes despite low enrollment, expanding internship opportunities for students in computer science mapping courses with job responsibilities, and DEI support and trauma-informed pedagogy circles for faculty and students. Additionally, the tenure clock was paused during the AY 2019-2020, non-reappointed faculty were provided with a year extension, faculty with approved fellowship leave were given the option to postpone it, and promotion criteria for full professorship were adjusted to the pandemic limitations. Student Instructional Reports were not required to be included as part of the faculty annual evaluation. All these actions have strengthened our commitment to DEI, and we appointed our first DEI Executive Director in Fall 2021. The college president also included governance leaders in the president’s cabinet. LaGuardia is a learning college that adapts to the changing needs of our community; as faculty, student, and staff lives were impacted by the pandemic we acted and continue to move forward with the input of the courageous faculty and students who have been sharing their experiences, challenges, and achievements in online forums since Spring 2020.