Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, NJ


The dual pandemics (COVID-19 and
structural racism) have significantly impacted current and future diverse faculty. To build, retain, and advance the diverse faculty of tomorrow there is a need for organizational investment for their holistic support today. The Rutgers Faculty Diversity Collaborative (FDC) is an institutional central strategy to support faculty diversity, providing resources for inclusive hiring, structure for sustained and coordinated mentoring, as well as funding opportunities to build intellectual community. One example is  the Advance-Engage-Mentor for Early Career and Racial Equity (E-CARE) program, which offers tiered support to address the unique challenges faced by faculty of color, combating isolation and mitigating against bias that can negatively shape the experiences of early career faculty of color in academia. The intentional holistic support for retention and advancement of diverse faculty today is expected to mitigate the cumulative, long-term impacts of COVID 19 on faculty diversity (particularly on women and junior faculty).