Spelman College, GA


The pandemic has been a “psychological disruptor” for institutions of higher education, creating anxiety and uncertainty and leading to long-term effects on mental health. The disproportionately higher negative impact of COVID-19 on minority groups in the US suggest that significant efforts are needed to mitigate the negative impacts of the pandemic on this group. In summer 2021, in response to faculty request for more mental health support, we offered a six-part series, developed by an external expert, titled “Flourishing in Difficult Times.” This workshop, based on the principles of positive psychology, covered topics including mindfulness techniques, nutrition, exercise, and more. Promoting employee wellbeing must become a “transparent priority” of the leadership in organizations. Leadership must clearly outline and share a plan for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing, including interventions such as training in stress management and developing psychoeducational materials that are easily accessible to the population.