Villanova University, PA


With leadership from VISIBLE (Villanova Initiative to Support Inclusiveness and Build Leaders, funded by NSF-ADVANCE), Villanova University engaged in a multi-phase participatory project to gather feedback from Villanova faculty members. Through the project, the University strove to better understand the effects of the pandemic on faculty scholarship, teaching, and service, and to integrate this understanding into a faculty evaluation process that is equitable, inclusive, and respects disparate impacts. Key outcomes of this project included: the Villanova University Statement Documenting Impacts of COVID-19 on Faculty Scholarship, Teaching and Service, which now accompanies all faculty tenure and promotion materials at all steps of the evaluation process; a framing letter from the Provost alongside the statement, providing additional context and expectations for both internal and external evaluators to ameliorate negative impacts of the pandemic on faculty career progression; tip sheets for faculty and for evaluators on preparation and review of faculty dossiers; and a workshop for faculty evaluators focused on the theme of reducing bias in the faculty evaluation process. Learn more here